What is Salesforce Commerce Cloud, And How E-commerce Could Use it?

The Salesforce Commerce Cloud, a cloud-based platform that helps e-commerce companies with their sales and marketing tasks, has been around since 2011 and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. As the leading provider of CRM solutions, Salesforce constantly adds functionality to the Commerce Cloud to help e-commerce companies more effectively sell their products online and boost their profits. Here's what you as a user of salesforce cloud need to know about this innovative platform and how it could potentially benefit your business in the long run.

What Is Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

Salesforce eCommerce is a cloud platform that helps merchants create an omnichannel experience with CRM, eCommerce, marketing automation, etc. The platform features a point of sale app that offers mobile payments, loyalty programs, and a full suite of reports. In addition to its B2C capabilities, Commerce Cloud also includes tools for B2B companies to manage their supply chain and customer relationships.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Main Features

Whether you are a large enterprise or small business, managing multiple channels can be overwhelming. Salesforce Commerce Cloud makes e-commerce simple with a single place to manage your online shopping experiences, enabling you to engage customers throughout their journey and strengthen your relationships across every channel.

Most popular brands like Puma, Coca-Cola, GoPro, etc., use Commerce Cloud as their technology and innovation partner. It has several features that make the SCC so popular and demanding. Some of its common features are:

  • Multi-Site management: Multi-site Management lets you manage all your sites in a single place. This feature allows you to centralize data and streamline processes across multiple online stores.
  • Payment Gateway Integration: SCC integrates with all major payment gateways. This feature makes online shopping easier for customers and increases your conversion rates.
  • Multi-Language Support: SCC supports multi-language, which helps you reach more customers in their native language.
  • Real-time reports and dashboards: SCC provides real-time reporting and dashboard, which helps you to understand your business better. You can track sales, inventory, customers, etc., in real-time.
  • Multi-Currency Support: SCC supports multi-currency payment processing, allowing you to accept payments in your country's local currency or any other currency of your choice.
  • Marketing and merchandise tools: SCC provides a wide range of marketing and merchandising tools that helps you to promote your products online. In SCC, you can track all your marketing activities, analyze sales data, etc.
  • Reminders. Alerts, Confirmations: SCC provides several reminders and alerts that help you manage your orders effectively. It also provides confirmation emails for your customers, ensuring customer satisfaction and increasing conversion rates.

Why go for Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

There are many cases where a company could use SaaS eCommerce. Small businesses, in particular, can benefit from its use as many of them are too small to have their own IT departments or do not want to spend money on dedicated eCommerce software or applications. Using SaaS eCommerce platforms allows you to outsource maintenance and software updates while still having access to various features that come with most systems.

Benefits of Using Commerce Cloud as your Ecommerce partner

Using a platform like Salesforce Commerce Cloud to power your ecommerce site will offer you some significant benefits. Let's take a look.

  • It's easy to use: When using Salesforce ecommerce, you don't have to worry about programming your site or making updates yourself. Instead, you can simply focus on growing your business and creating new products for customers to buy. You can also take advantage of a customer portal. It allows customers to track and monitor their orders and see what they have in their shopping carts without leaving your site.
  • It's scalable: When you use Salesforce Commerce Cloud, you can rest assured that your site will grow with your business. You won't have to worry about scaling up or changing things as you add new products or hire more employees. This can save you time, money, and efforts, allowing you to focus on what matters most—your customers and growing your business.
  • Offers Omni-channel functionality: With a platform like Salesforce Commerce Cloud, you can create one seamless experience for your customers that works across all channels. This includes websites, mobile apps, and even physical stores.
  • Customer support: You can take advantage of automated customer service tools to respond to customer questions and concerns quickly and easily. Your customers will get answers when they need them, not weeks later, ultimately creating a better customer experience.
  • Enable Marketing tools: Using Salesforce Commerce Cloud, you can use marketing automation tools that allow you to create targeted promotions and campaigns based on customer data and behavior. This will help you reach customers at just the right time. Results more sales and ultimately greater profits for your business.

How E-commerce Could Use it

Ecommerce highly benefitted the salesforce commerce cloud due to its unique features that help improve the overall business. There is a new feature for tracking ecommerce campaigns and inventory that gives benefits of visual presentation. A user can track their orders from one place to check how many are shipped and how many are yet to be shipped. Here's how ecommerce can use it:

The ecommerce business can integrate the commerce cloud into their platform easily. This will help them create new products and add them to existing inventory in real-time, as well as give a user an idea about their inventory at any given time. Also, users can add new orders and assign them to specific staff members. This will let you know who has been assigned what order and when it should be shipped out.

So, if an ecommerce business wants to use salesforce ecommerce in their business, they should know how to integrate it. This will enable them to use all its features to manage their inventory, products, etc.

Salesforce commerce cloud can be integrated into existing ERP systems or CRMs that a company already has set up. It integrates easily with several shipping services for direct integration or through channel partners for full-service integration options. The channel partner model gives customers a choice on how they want to handle logistics services. This can be done by partnering with an SCC or third-party providers.

Final Words

Salesforce Commerce Cloud can help companies improve customer experience by allowing them to personalize interactions across channels. With features like these in place, retailers can focus on improving their brand experience—and ultimately drive revenue growth. If you're looking to revamp your e-commerce strategy, then be sure to connect with us and customize your business solution. We help you rock the market with our expert solutions.