Salesforce Marketing Cloud


What if we said that every customer solution, marketing solution and data management can be done with just a click? And we are not joking! Bringing to you the Salesforce Marketing Cloud CRM system- a solution for every business.


What is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a tool through which a company can manage its relationship internally amongst the employees as well as with its clients. It basically helps the business to automate tasks that don’t require manual attention hence, improving the management and efficiency of the business.
CRM enables a company to seamlessly manage all the tasks, build potential relationships with future prospects and current clients, and support the business by directly connecting with their customers.
Think of a CRM as your personal manager, who is always available to check-list your tasks, communicate with your customers/clients, and manage your contacts, projects, files, etc all in one place!
Work on the tasks that need your attention. For data, management and drip campaigns, we are here to help you!

Now, what is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud intrigues to boost your business with an integrated setup to focus on your email marketing, social media, mobile, web advertising, and data interpretations. It helps businesses to boost their overall growth and sales.

We help your business to increase efficiency, with automated solutions.

  • Increase your leads by 25%
  • Overall 30% increase in lead conversion
  • Boost your marketing RO1 by 18%

How can this help you and your business?

Our Marketing cloud will help you to focus only on your business and let the management task on automation.

How does Salesforce help you?

Our CRM system is one of its kind of tool that can help you with 7 key benefits, suitable for every business size


Better customer service

It's true that CRM today has many major functions- but its main benefit remains the relationship building between the business and its customers. Our CRM manages all your contacts and key information about your customers.


Increase sales and attribution

Our CRM is known to ease your sales process by targeting quality leads, eventually, leading to an increase in sales. Salesforce CRM can help you to establish a guide for your employees to maintain a unique sales journey.


Customer retention

Once you have converted your lead, it becomes more than important to retain them. We provide exclusive management and retention solutions to help your business grow.


Higher productivity and results

At Salesforce, we’ve created an intelligent CRM technology that helps your business and employees to automate campaigns such as drip mail campaigns. Now your employees can focus on the tasks that really rely on their talent and manual powers!


Centralized database of information

Our CRM centralizes all the data and information of your company and customers. It’s so easy to manage, arrange and segregate that you’ll never go back to your traditional excel!


Automated sales report

Now manage your customers, their profiles and ongoing tickets with just one click! Our CRM tool helps your employees to check the active prospective leads, and evaluate their KPIs, quotes, goals, etc.


Key Tools of our salesforce marketing cloud

Contact Builder

Email Studio

Social Studio

CRM Marketing platform

With our expertise and overall enhancement of our tool, we can help you with a customised business growth roadmap- from consultation to performance.