My Retail Buddy

Easily deliver payrolls checks of employees at any of your stores through an online platform.

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My Retail Buddy helps in making check printing and time tracking easier than ever before. Using our application, you can view and print checks from any location. You can track employee time and save payroll costs with our app.


Easy Vendor Check Payment, Employee Payroll Check, Employee Clock In & Clock Out, Employee Shift Scheduling, Shift Text Reminder, Maintain Record for DOL

Easy Vendor Check Payment

Vendor payments, also known as supplier payments, are an important aspect of the accounts payable process.

Employee Payroll Check

The time it takes to complete payroll is determined by the approach you use.

Employee Clock In & Clock Out

Employees may record their shifts, track their hours, and submit overtime using a clock-in clock-out system.

Employee Shift Scheduling

Mobile Scheduling Tool Scalable Work Schedule Maker is a popular employee scheduling app that makes shift management simple. It is used by millions of people all over the world.

Shift Text Reminder

This message is for all Remind users. You may change your app and desktop alerts, as well as add, remove, or amend your mobile phone number and email address.

Maintain Record for DOL

Wage protections, housing and transportation safety regulations, agricultural labour contractor registration requirements, and transparency obligations are all included in the Act.


MRB understands that in an attempt to not hinder the daily transactions, you end up losing peace of mind.

Feature Section

  • Create, Assign and Monitor tasks for your employees easily.
  • Set Renewal reminders for License to never miss a deadline.
  • Monitor and create regular audits in accordance with guidelines.
  • Keeping an account of Entry and Exit schedule of every employee.
  • Simplify your sales, Promotions, Reporting, Queue Management, and Payment with the MRB software.
  • Deliver Employee & Vendor Payments easily.
  • Maintain records of all payroll and vendor checks. Employee clock in and clock out timings.
  • Encrypted database making the software safe to use.



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My Retail Buddy App

Easily deliver payrolls checks of employees at any of your stores through an online platform.

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