Clang Music

Be the first to discover independant music from over 200 artists all around the world.


It’s a platform where real artists from real places and that are actually doing really fresh music upload their own songs and albums. Without the interference of those companies.So, if you want to hear what’s happening in the music scene in Mali, for example, you can get into Clang’s map and find the real artists from there.


Feature Section

  • As consulting firm for music marketing we help our clients make significant and lasting improvements to their marketing performance.
  • you can search by genre, country/city, instruments and year.
  • Real music played by real artists.
  • Tackling important music-related topics for the younger generation, without boundaries, filters or discriminations has, in this sense, always been one of the main goals of the magazine.

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Clang Music App

Be the first to discover independant music from over 200 artists all around the world.

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