What is CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management.

CRM is a strategy and technology combination used to develop and strengthen customer connections. The three main objectives of the CRM system are to obtain and nurture leads, boost sales conversion, and improve customer happiness and retention.

What Are Plugins?

Plugins are software program additions that permit for the customization of laptop packages, apps, and net browsers — in addition to the customization of the content material presented via way of means of web sites. While plugins stay used as accessories to customise packages and apps, their use in net browsers has reduced somewhat, in choose of the usage of browser extensions instead.

Plugins also are all the little accessories that optimize the content material you positioned out as a web creator. As the content material consumer, they may be the extras that will let you revel in the net in a myriad of approaches that encompass images, sound, motion pictures, and animation. Plugins additionally assist net pages and web sites be extra than simply large blocks of text; there are plugins to assist your weblog posts rank better, to show YouTube and Vimeo motion pictures for your website, or maybe assist customise your website’s fonts.

A plug-in is a custom enterprise common sense that integrates with Microsoft Dynamics CRM to adjust or increase the usual conduct of the platform. Plug-ins act as occasion handlers and are registered to execute on a selected occasion in CRM. Plugins are written in both C# or VB and may run both in synchronous or asynchronous mode.

Some eventualities wherein you will write a plugin are −

  • You need to execute a few enterprise common sense which includes updating sure fields of a document or updating associated records, etc. while you create or replace a CRM document.
  • You need to name an outside net carrier on sure occasions which includes saving or updating a document.
  • You need to dynamically calculate the sector values whilst any document is opened.
  • You need to automate procedures which includes sending e-mails on your clients on sure occasions in CRM.

Top 10 Vtiger CRM Plugins


1. Survey & Custom form

Survey & Custom Form for vTiger Intuitive Survey & Custom Form module for vTiger. Send Surveys to potentialities & clients and acquire responses in CRM.

Two in One Advantage – Two manner implementation the usage of a unmarried extension

– Survey Forms

Send survey shape hyperlinks to potentialities or clients and get reaction in CRM

– Custom Forms (Internal)

Build custom paperwork and fix with any file of any module inside VTiger CRM for inner use

2. Label manager for vtiger

Label manager enables employer to alternate label and different subject data as in keeping with their needs.

Features: Update label at the fly

  • Easy language choice and label
  • Auto replace default label on addition of recent language
  • Get rid from replace label from document system

3. RTL Theme for VTiger

The RTL themes for languages are supported by the VTiger CRM system. Customers from other countries that want a CRM gadget must have it in RTL so that they can navigate and utilize it without difficulty.

Features :

  • Out of your Module Manager, one click on set up module
  • User-driven format selection that is compatible with vtiger roles
  • There are nine different colour skins available, including the classic vtiger design.
  • Custom modules are supported.
  • Customized to your request

4. Find & replace for vtiger

The vTigerCRM Find and Replace extension allows users to search for a given term and replace it with the word they desire, which may be applied to many entries in the list module listing page.


  • In the list view of all modules, use the Find And Replace action in bulk.
  • It allows users to search for a certain term or value in a field and replace it module by module.
  • In the list module listing page, it also assists users in finding and replacing many records.

5. Language pack for vtiger

For Usability In various aspects for Crm and companies working in other languages There is special plugin Language package in vtiger

Available Language Pack

  • Hebrew 6.x
  • Hebrew 7.1
  • Arabic 6.x
  • Arabic 7.1

6. Record creator for vtiger

  • Record Creator facilitate to form record of another module from parent module with transfer knowledge.

For example :

  • If user is on price ticket module and needs to form Invoice from price ticket than this module helps to form record from primary module(Ticket) to Scondary module(Invoice)
  • Add link beneath “More” button to form record in any modules from Record Creator Settings.
  • Option to open “Create record” Page on Popup or send to Secondary module’s produce screen with transfer record.
  • Mapping field management with Primary and Secondary module.
  • User outlined link name beneath additional menu in any module.

7. Add relationship for vtiger

Create Relationship between 2 modules.Vtiger is versatile to make matched, One-to-Many, Many-to-One, and Many-Many relationships between the modules.


  • An administrator will produce custom relationships from
  • Vtiger is versatile to make matched, One-to-Many,

Many-to-One,and Many-Many relationships between the modules.-to-Many

  • In matched kind, the records in module one and module two area unit connected unambiguously.
  • A field gets created in each the modules to represent the connected record, i.e., a field representing

the connected record of module two gets created in module one and contrariwise.

  • A field gets created in module two to represent a record of module one.
  • A tab gets created in module one to that lists the connected records of module two.
  • In Many-to-One kind, you’ll relate multiple records of module one to module two and one record of module two to module one.

Many-to-One could be a reverse method of One-to-Many.

  • A tab gets created in module one that lists the connected records of module two,and a field gets created in module two that represents the connected record of module one.
  • In Many-to-Many kind, you’ll relate multiple records of module one to module two and contrariwise.
  • A tab gets created in each the modules to list the connected records of another module.

8. Import user for vtiger

From a computer application, import a user for the vTiger® feature.

Customization that saves time. By using a mercantilism CSV file, you may create many users in CRM.

We created another custom functionality for CRM Admin, making it simple to create a large number of users in one simple action.

Features :

  • Accounts for all employees (users) have been created.
  • All users are able to receive emails including a link to the line secret.
  • Handling duplicate records automatically (optional).
  • All users are able to receive emails including a link to the line secret.Erroneous entries/data are rumored mechanically in the event that input fields do not appear to be formatted correctly.

9. Sorting filter for vtiger

To provide customers greater flexibility in how they organise their data, CRMTiger’s team has given the ability to filter and sort users’ data in ascending or descending order for every field in every module.

Thanks to a carefully curated sorting filter, every field data will be sorted out for each module to generate consecutive data. The feature of the filter may be found here.

Features :

  • The default data in vTiger is in descending order, however if the user requests ascending order, it will be done.
  • Data will be shown according to the filter, based on which field the user selected in the sorting filter.

How it works:

  • Create a new filter and populate it with the fields you want to see.
  • In the sorting area, select the field to be sorted from the drop down option.
  • Save the filter.

10. Time tracker for vtiger

Billing Through Time Tracker (Invoice)

To bill the organization or the record; in the same record, go to Invoices and click ‘+Add Invoice’. Then follow the procedure below:

Click“Review Time Logs”.

Select the Time Logs you want to add to the invoice.

Click“Add to Invoice”.

Click“Save” to create the invoice.

There are two categories of project tasks: billable and non-billable. Vtiger allows you to mark a project work as billable or nonbillable once it has been finished. With a single click, your accounting team can generate an invoice for all of a project’s billable tasks, while analysing non-billable jobs can help you better manage project schedules.